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1932 Braeburn dr. Salem, Virginia 24153

Hello and welcome

Certified Counseling Services

At Enjoy Counseling Services, we believe in getting you back to the life that you once enjoyed. While in therapy, we also want you to enjoy the time while you're here.

We look forward to helping you, as we collaborate together on your needs. Together we will develop a treatment plan that you will approve of personally.  Outpatient counseling is not meant to be a forever Service, so we want you to get back to your life or find a way that you can finally Enjoy it! 


Enjoy Counseling Services is a judgment free place, with a fun, peaceful, happy environment to take care of your needs or the needs of your loved one. We help you find that smile within you!

Ryan Hatch

Ryan Hatch

Ryan E. Hatch, LPC 

Out-Patient Therapist/CEO

Enjoy Counseling Services, LLC

We help find that smile with in you. 

We assist in the recovery and management or your mental health 

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Ryan's Focus

Ryan’s focus is in individual and family therapy and he specializes in counseling youth and adults.


He is proficient  in the areas of trauma, marital issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ODD, DMDD, RAD, Substance Abuse Group, Post-incarceration issues, and family member separation. Which includes death, foster families, and adoption.


Some of the therapies employed by Ryan are Motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Grief Counseling, Person centered, Attachment-Focused Family Therapy and other evidenced-based practices to include Anger Management, Love and Logic, Mindfulness, and emotional stabilization.

This is an Example of Ryan Hatch in a counseling setting.

Why Choose Enjoy?

Enjoy Counseling takes most insurances eliminating the stigma that therapy is expensive.  Along with it being affordable, therapy is a healthy way to allow your tensions, stress, and past trauma be released.

At Enjoy Counseling, we provide a safe space for all to get the help they deserve.

Meet Jordan Kenedy

Jordan Kenedy

Jordan works for Enjoy as a Resident in Counseling. Combining his casual demeanor with clinical experience, Jordan creates a therapeutic environment that is both enjoyable and safe.


While he is trained in a number of different areas, Jordan enjoys working specifically with depression and anxiety, ADHD, children and teens, addictions and substance use, and grief and loss.


Fusing multiple approaches such as person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused therapies, Jordan will work with you to identify incongruence that holds you back from reaching your full potential.


He will walk alongside of you on your journey toward further self-discovery, personal growth, and inner healing. Jordan’s goal for every one of his clients is autonomy — to have a better understanding of your thoughts and behaviors, and to make decisions that help create a sense of purpose and meaning for your life.”

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